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What is Permanent Pass?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Permanent pass is introduced to those people who want to PASS their bid for all bid rounds in the GAME in progress. User's can turn ON permanent pass when it comes to their turn for bid. They can turn OFF this any time which will resume the normal operation, ie all will wait for them to make a bid when it comes to their turn.

Permanent pass is visible ONLY to you, ie the person who pressed the perm pass. Nobody will know that you have pressed the permanent pass. Everyone will see that you have made a PASS bid, thus not showing your intention or hand to anyone.

Permanent pass will reset to OFF at the end of the game automatically.

Overall it will save the bidding time for the game and avoid waiting time. For ex: On an average, if it takes 2 seconds for a person to bid and game have 5 bid rounds, it will save 10 seconds of time to the overall game time. If there are 2 persons used permanent pass, then 20 seconds of savings!! We are considering only 2 seconds for a person to bid. In reality, we have seen people taking 10 or more seconds just to PASS even if they are not interested to bid. So, having permanent pass can save several minutes for an entire match.

Some users reported that they don't want to see PERM pass as it creates confusion. Hope this article removes their confusion and eventually adapt to this feature.

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