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Release notes - Version 2 - Game Log
Last Updated 4 years ago

Dear All,

Thank you once again for registering with and making this new platform vibrant. We really appreciate the time and effort you put in to validate the features and to provide valuable feedback and suggestions. We value the feedback from the players and believe in working collaboratively with them for continuous improvement of this site. This will enable us to incorporate functionalities which will provide great playing experience for all. Subsequent to the inception of this web site, we have been striving for continuous improvement and proud to announce the Version 2 of this gaming site. Following are the major functionalities introduced in V2 and below details will take you thru these value added features.

1. Game Log

Finally, we made it happen on public demand. Much awaited Game Log functionality is now available in an extensive manner. Players can now see last 36 games on the table. Game log captures and presents Hand of each player, Bid details and Cards played in each round. Hand and Play can be viewed graphically to simulate actual play. We are sure that this will be a unique and great experience to the users. Game Log button is added on left top of the screen (along with other Setting buttons) and below screen shots are self explanatory




2. Automatic Play 8th Round

Based on feedback from many players, Auto-Play feature (only for the last card) added now. The system will automatically play last card (8th card) of every game. Since players are not left out with any other choice in the last round except to play last card, Auto play makes sense and will save some time in finishing the games and provide better user experience.

3. Custom Background and Zoom Level

These are exciting feature which enables the users to customize the background color and also zoom level of the screen to their personal choice. Color and screen size are mainly personal choices and also the eye power which was evident from feedback from players. Some prefer board background color lighter or colors of their choices, some expressed liking for smaller/larger board. To cater to the individual preferences of a larger audience, we added this customization feature . You can save a particular setting (Preference in Menu) as your preference, If you wish to do so. This will retain your preference so that you don't need to customize it every time.

4. More Settings

Players have options to following perform below features now.

  • Team names - Can give any name of their choice
  • Redouble factor - Can make the points Add or Multiply
  • NT for Kerala - This will be hidden in KTR by default. However, this can be enabled thru setting
  • Option to select Lead player after the table reset

5. Other Changes

A general upgrade has been done for the site and following are some other changes and fixes done

  • Fixed Blinking issue when switching from play mode to bid mode
  • Badges are now implemented. Badges will be assigned to players by the system automatically when they complete certain number of games
  • Final Match score is announced when Game reset done by the system automatically after the last round
  • Counter for Bid and Play - This shows the time elapsed in seconds for a player who has turn to Bid or Play

We have considered every one's feedback/suggestions with utmost respect and haven't ignored anyone's suggestions. A priority list has been prepared based on feedback/suggestions. The consideration applied while preparing this list are, the number of users requesting same feature, level of complexity/effort in implementing a feature etc. Some of the suggestions like color of bid number, background colors, location of bid tables etc. were purely personal choices and hence it's difficult to implement such changes across all users as different users have conflicting personal preferences. There are some more requested features still to be implemented which are being considered for future releases since those are not critical or "must have", but just "nice to have" features.

Even though we implemented heaps of value added features, this site is still Absolutely FREE to our registered members. We are trying our best to meet the financial need for website maintenance thru member's donation and sponsorship contribution. Please feel free to use Donate Now link if you feel that we have done a good job in providing a Card good gaming site will all these features. It will help us to maintain the free membership for longer period and also that will be like an encouragement to boost our morale. If you are willing to contribute thru sponsorship for advertisements, please contact us at [email protected]. We want to display only the advertisement of our sponsors, not the usual random flashing google advertisement on the tables which will be very annoying and also we cannot control the content of those ads..

We have premium category membership available for those who prefer to play with bit more privacy and with other premium customers. This is a very good option to conduct Card tournaments and to avoid interfacing with general on public domain of this site . Premium tables cannot be seen by people with free memberships and public chats won't be popped out on those gaming rooms/tables. We will introduce more and more value added features to premium tables in due course.


We would like provide you with some statistics of the site.

Games Played so far 2604 games
Highest Rank 853
Players Registered 249
Badge Master (More than 1000 games with 40% win) - 0
Professional (More than 500 games with 40% win) - 0
Amateur (More than 100 games with 40% win) - 52
Starter - 197

Following are the games played per day


Server and Site Stability

Our System and Server are going strong and steady so far. We had only 2 major incidents since the Go Live on July 4th, 2020, both of them resolved quickly.

1) Safari users were not able to login - This is resolved
2) Email duplicate issue - This is resolved.

We apologies for the inconvenience caused to users for that short duration.

Server is 99.99% UP and Running, flawlessly. We have not received any complaints from our users reporting about disconnections or require refresh screens. We have taken special care of client disconnects and if there are any disconnections related to any client issues, clients will be automatically refreshed. The solution is designed to cater large volume and server will not be not hit anywhere near the threshold. Integrity of the system is also maintained well; i.e, no ghost play possible by bystanders or strangers.

Our focus for next release is to introduce other popular card game like 28 & 40 for 6 players, 28 for 4 players and so on.

Our motive is to promote Card games globally and attract more people to this great game by providing a high quality professional gaming site. All Card game lovers can enjoy the unique features of this site and have wonderful playing experience while taking part with us in the journey of establishing world's best online platform for Mallu traditional Card games.

Our Motto is "One Stop Solution for Mallu Card Games. Together We can Make It"

With Best Regards,

CheettuKali Club Team

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