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Release notes - Version 2.3 - Tournament features and minor updates
Last Updated 4 years ago

New Features

  • Configuration - Administrator/s (C1) can now turn off/on viewer comments and their ability to see hand cards


  • Security - Tightened the security - System is now capable of disabling any user who shows signs of intrusion behavior
  • Game - Fold button will appear sooner to the trick winner than other players. At the moment, after the last card in the trick, the fold button will appear 1.5 seconds to the trick winner and if he/she is not taking action, it will appear to all others after 3 seconds.
  • Game - Last trick automatic draw time is reduced to 200 ms
  • Game Log - Updates list to include date/time (IST), and other minor modifications
  • Game - Final game score and match score now are displayed in the chat box after the match ends.

Defects Resolved

  • Game - XX Label not disappearing even after override calls for Kerala tables

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