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Release notes - Version 2.4 Moderator Features
Last Updated 4 years ago

Moderator Feature

We have released tournament moderator feature as per the request from tournament organizers. Following gives more information on the feature

How it works?

C1 can assign himself as Moderator using Settings option



After moderator sets the table settings, he/she can go to any chair as viewer and continue to control all actions that are required for a moderator of the game such as push players (including C1), Change Settings, Delete Game, Turn on/off comments, Turn on/off ability for viewers to see the hand cards etc. Moderator can comment on the table even if Viewer comments are turned OFF.

Powers of C1 and C2 will be revoked except C1 retains the power of Restart Table to backup the Moderator in case if he/she is unavailable. Restart Table can be done in consultation with other players when a tournament match is in progress.

Restart table whether its manual or automatic reset after the match will remove moderator from the table and table will be released for normal play

Lobby page will display a special indicator that shows a tournament match is going on in the table.


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