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"Playing for a Reason" - It's great pleasure to announce that we have tied up with an registered charity organisation in India - Solace. For those who are not able to use their Indian debit card or bank transfer, you can donate the membership fee to them. We will manually update the membership once we receive a transfer receipt. If anyone wants to use this method of payment, please contact [email protected].

About Solace (From their website

Solace is a voluntary organization registered as a Trust under the Charitable Societies Act of Kerala. Today patients from all over Kerala have been directed to Solace by various medical colleges and their treatment, both curative and palliative, in totality is serviced by Solace.

Our mission is to care for children with long term illnesses and stand by their families. strengthening and comforting them as they face up to the harsh realities .In fact, we live their lives experiencing their difficult times along with them and offering assistance whenever necessary.

Starting as a Play Therapy Unit In 2007 beside the Leukemia ward of Govt. Medical College, Thrissur, Solace has grown from tending to the needs of 15 children to supporting over 2400 children today suffering long term illnesses like Cancer, Thalassemia, Cerebral palsy, Nephrotic syndrome, Hemophilia, Heart diseases, Fits, Wilson disease, Mental retardation, Juvenile arthritis, Epilepsy, Hearing loss etc.

Solace ensures that the best medical treatment is made available so that the children suffering long term illnesses have the best possible chance to recover and go on to lead quality lives.

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